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Most student properties and some residential properties will require a guarantor to be in place to guarantee the monthly rent throughout the duration of a tenancy. The nature of student life determines that they do not have guaranteed regular income from a place of work and some professional tenants may not have suitable income, or some negative notes on their credit, meaning there is a chance that rental payments cannot always be made as and when they should be under the terms of their agreement.

So a guarantor is a representative of a tenant, for example a relative or friend, who agrees to co-sign a tenancy agreement and becomes jointly and severally liable for the tenants financial obligations throughout their tenancy, and usually any extension or variation of it. This means that if a person who has a guarantor doesn’t pay their rent, the guarantor would to do so upon request. Guarantors are only required in an event that a tenant or one of a group of tenants cannot provide an acceptable financial reference. This is often determined after the application form and application fees have been paid, at which point a credit check may be obtained on all applicants.


To be a guarantor on behalf of a tenant a person must be:

  •  - A UK resident
  •  - In full-time employment or have provable income through pension, drawings or other.
  •  - A homeowner
  •  - In a position whereby their income must be able to cover the costs associated with the rent for the entire tenancy period


We will contact your proposed guarantor before proceeding with any relevant checks against them, to ensure that they fully understand their liabilities as a guarantor and for us to obtain the information required from them.

Once we have ascertained that your proposed guarantor meets all the above criteria we will check their financial history and current status, usually by means of a credit check and employment referee, just as if they were applying with us as a tenant.

Your guarantor will then be required to sign a guarantor agreement at the same time the applicant(s) sign the tenancy agreement, meaning that we will contact them are they will be required by law to pay the full monthly rent and any costs incurred should the tenant not do so for whatever reason throughout the entire tenancy.

Usually, a guarantor is sought in the cases of shared student accommodation and sometimes where sharing professional tenants’ who don’t know each other take a property together. The important thing to remember is that tenancy agreements of this type are jointly and severally liable which means you need to be confident about anyone with whom you plan to share. It is not possible to modify the terms of our tenancy agreement to alleviate this liability by limiting the liability of a guarantor to just one proposed tenant.

You can always contact us for further information or in the case of any questions, or you can see a copy of the sample agreement here or on our Guide to Tenants page.


'What if I don't have a guarantor?'

As above, a guarantor is usually required when the tenant is not able to prove the income required to meet their share of the rent (eg. students). However, the guarantor must be a UK based home owner, and not everybody has a friend or relative that is able to & prepared to stand in as a guarantor for them. 

If this is the case, there are 2 options: 

 - Proof of scholarship - If we can verify that you are on a scholarship that is adequate to cover your share of the rent, then this would negate the need for a guarantor, subject to your landlords approval. 

 - Upfront rental payment - If you are unable to provide us with a suitable guarantor and are not under the terms of a scholarship, then you would be required to pay some rent upfront - usually the last 6 months of the fixed term of your contract. This is required to be paid prior to your move in, along with your first months rent in advance. 

If your case is specific, please get in touch and we will always do what we can to help. 

For further information please contact our office.