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Student Lettings Process

Property Letting Process


All payments are non-refundable in the event that you choose not to proceed with your application.



1. Bring your PHOTOGRAPHIC ID to viewing. Ideally a passport though this can be a drivers licence but this must be support with further documentation. For further information please refer to page 3 of this leaflet ( or contact our office for more information.


2. Arrange payment of the Administration Fee of £150 per person (inc.VAT) This is to be paid via internet banking to the following account details:      Name: Digs Property      Sort Code: 40-10-16     A/C No: 03663434      Please use a reference of property address. E.G. '56James' for 56 James Street an abbreviation of your name. Regretfully card payments cannot be accepted. 


3. Each Complete the Online Application - Carefully read the information found here and follow the steps to complete the online application form by following this link - 

Once the payment is received from all applicants & ALL online applications are received from the whole group, the property will be removed from the market and any future viewings cancelled.



Once stages 1-3 are complete, we will get in touch with your nominated guarantors to ensure they understand their legal responsibilities. Guarantee agreements will be sent to each guarantor (one per applicant required unless a guarantor is explicity willing to act on behalf of a number of applicants) by email (after referencing) so please ensure a valid email address is supplied for them. We aim to have confirmation from the guarantors and signed guarantor forms received within 7 days of the booking though this is subject to guarantor availability & responses. Once all are received and referencing is complete we shall arrange with all applicants to sign the final tenancy agreement (AST). If we have not had a response from you or your guarantors within 30 days of your booking, we reserve the right to re-advertise the property. Sample agreement and further information can be found here: &



In addition to the above, the payments noted below will be required at specific intervals as follows:

Holding Fee - Part 1: Payable when agreements are issued

This holding fee will later be deductible from the dilapidations deposit. You can pay via EITHER option 1 or 2 below. 

This decision must be the same for all applicants.

                                   1) Payment of £100 per person                           or                           2) PAyment of 75% of one months rent.

Please bear in mind that option 1 will be financially easier in the short term but will make the remaining payment (outlined below) larger.

Holding Fee - Part 2: Payable NO LATER THAN 1st JUNE 2018

This totals 1.5x the monthly rent (less the holding fee paid above) of your chosen property. 



Dilapidations Deposit:

Both holding fees are redeemable against the dilapidations deposit on the first day of your tenancy and will be held in a protection scheme for the duration of your tenancy against the possibility of any dilapidation or outstanding monies at the end of the tenancy. Should all monies due be cleared in full and the property be in the same condition when you leave (excluding fair wear and tear), then this balance will be re-paid to you. 



Assuming all of the above is completed, there will be nothing else to do until the payment of the first rent becomes due 30 days prior to the tenancy start date. If you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone on 01865 910130.

All of these details, example contracts and a comprehensive list of fees are also available on our website.