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Students Applying Online

Students Applying for a Property Online

At Digs, we work tirelessly to ensure that our processes are quick and easy to use, meaning we can keep our fees down. We have created an online feature that means you can apply for an available property through our website, instead of having to complete forms manually. This page provides further information on the application process and the terms involved.

We endeavour to keep the process as simple as possible, and will keep you updated on the next stage or information we require throughout the process until move in. It is very important that you read thoroughly and action what is detailed in our corresspondence from start to finish to avoid unnecessary delays and added stress to your housemates and guarantors.   


How it works ... 

This section tells you how to apply online for a property. By undertaking any of these steps, you agree that you have read and understood the below terms and agree to be bound by them. 

1) Choose your property, arrange a viewing and decide you want to reserve it. 

2) Go to and enter your details. ALL tenants must apply individually, hence for a 5 bed property we must have 5 separate applications. NB: Our online application currently doesn't work with the 'Safari' browser. We are working to get this fixed, but in the mean time please use another browser to complete the online application. 

3) The nominated head tenant should email to confirming the below information:

          a) List of names of all tenants in that house

          b) Copies of each tenants photographic ID (passport, driving licence or student card) **

          c) If any applicant is Non-EU we also need a copy of their Visa. 

4) Arrange payment of the non-refundable application fee (£150 per applicant) to the following bank details: 

          Sortcode: 40-10-16

          Account Number: 03663434

          IBAN: GB49 MIDL 4010 1603 6634 34

Please find a full list of our fees by clicking here.

5) We will then assign you on our online portal as a tenant to the property and undergo the required reference checking. 

** IMPORTANT NOTE: It is a legal requirement that we must see original documentation for your ID inline with Right to Rent checks, further information here.  We will be hosting an open morning at a convenient location and will give you plenty of notice or you can arrange an appointment to attend our office with the required identification. For further information please contact us on 01865 910130 or email


Terms of online application

By following the above steps you agree that you have read and understood the below terms and agree to be bound by them. 

1) All student properties are offered on a first come, first serve basis. If you decide to reserve a property and someone else reserves it at the same time, the group that:

          a) completes online applicants for ALL tenants that will be living in the property.

          b) pays the total amount of required application fees first

          c) sends in the required identification and names of all tenants as per stage 3 above. 

will be awarded the property. If another group applies at the same time and you are unsuccessful, your application fees will be refunded less a £42 per property administration fee that will be split equally among the tenants that have paid. 


2) To APPLY for any property using the above procedure does not mean that you have definitely been accepted as a tenant. Your tenancy is not confirmed until you have signed your AST agreement and paid your pre-tenancy invoice. 


3) By completing the online application you are confirming to be bound by the following declarations:

          a) I declare that the information I have provided on this form is true and correct, and I fully understand the payments/timescales as outlined in the 'Reservation Process' document.

          b) I hereby authorise you to verify the details given and to seek references as required, including a banker's reference and a credit check and any other appropriate references. I agree to you disclosing the reference replies to the landlord/s of the property for which I am applying. 

          c) I understand that this does not represent any offer or contract of any nature. I further understand that if you decline to offer me a tenancy no explanation need be given. 

          d) I confirm that I have been given a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the property that I am applying for. All EPC's are included in the listing description. 

          e) I also confirm that I am eligible to reside in the UK in accordance with the 'Right to Rent' regulations & that I have provided original documentation to prove this.

          f) I confirm that I have read and understood the Fees List.



Further information

For further information on our procedures and more, please see some of the helpful links below: 

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